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Amana Furnaces

Matenaer Plumbing Inc, Heating and Air Conditioning is an authorized installer of Amana® Gas furnaces, A-coils & condensers.

Amana gas furnaces are known for their reliability and durable craftsmanship. Their dedicated engineers have established Amana as a global leader in innovative designs and cutting edge heating technology. Amana offers three different styles of gas furnaces

  • Modulating
  • Variable Speed
  • Multi-Speed

No matter which unit is right for you, Amana gas furnace is an excellent investment for any home, office or shop

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Modulating Gas Furnaces

  • Amana’s modulating gas furnaces offer homeowners unrivalled comfort and efficiency without the constant fan noise
  • Feature self-calibrating gas valves that allow modulating performance from 35% to 100%
  • When the modulating furnace initially kicks on, it heats air at the highest heat setting, instantly warming your home to the desired temperature
  • After reaching optimal temperature the furnace operates at lower levels and drives less heated air into your home but at more frequent intervals
  • Less heated air circulating leads to lower heating costs
  • You’ll feel heat warming your home, without the accompanying whirling of a fan

Variable-Speed Gas Furnaces

  • Variable speed furnace, refers to the furnace motor
  • Motor operates at different speeds to control the flow of heated air throughout your family home
  • Amana’s variable speed furnaces consume less electricity than standard motors

Multi-Speed Gas Furnaces

  • Multi-Speed functions on two different settings
  • Runs on lowest setting for most of the day
  • Sudden drop in temperature outside or additional demand for heat, it kicks into the high setting
  • Multi-speed furnace is quiet and durable with low overall maintenance costs
  • Adjustable heating output is more fuel efficient, since it only kicks into high gear when needed
Amana Furnace

Amana Furnace

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